School Resource Officer


I am Officer Alejandro Lopez with the Plano Police Department.  I am currently assigned as the School Liaison Officer for Plano School District No. 88.  I have been with the Plano Police Department since August of 2018. 

As the School Liaison Officer, I act as the primary point of contact for school-related matters and help to mediate between students, parents, staff and law enforcement. 

My role as the School Liaison Officer consists of the following responsibilities:

  • Give students an opportunity to get acquainted with a police officer in an informal setting. 
  • Provide a convenient and confidential environment to where children may feel comfortable to talk about the law where they may have concerns.
  • Provide classroom presentations and discussion periods with the students in areas of mutual concern or interest. 
  • Be available for parent/student/staff conferences and discussions.
  • Provide preventative patrol in the school areas in order to reduce loitering on or around the school premises, reduce vandalism, drug traffic, assaults, and other actions of anti-social behavior.
  • Take appropriate enforcement action as a police officer when circumstances dictate.
  • Work cooperatively with the staff and District in fulfilling the District’s vision, mission, and focus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the Plano Police Department by calling (630)552-3122 ext. 4053.  If you have any information or questions that might be confidential, please call the number above or email me at, and I will respond as soon as possible.