Police Department


111 E. Main St.
Plano, IL 60545


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Name Title Email
Allison, Norman Lieutenant
Barks, S Sergeant
Baxa, C Sergeant
Beery, J Officer
Flanigan, G Officer
Hernandez, R Sergeant
Hogan, S Officer
Iverson, T Officer
Joutras, A Investigator
Koch, S Officer
Morton, G Sergeant of Investigations
Ruiz, R Officer
Root, S Officer
Smith, A Sergeant
Whowell, Jonathan Chief of Police
Brown, J Officer
Miller, B Officer
Lopez, A School Resource Officer
Brant, M Officer
Savage, S Officer
Hart, B Officer
Christenson, C Officer
Reyes, D Officer

Records Department 

Plano, IL 60545


Name Title Email
Almendarez, Adrianna Records  
Hill, Yvonne