Building Inspection Schedule (single Family Home)

The following is a general list of required inspections. Your project may require some or all of the following. It is the applicant's responsibility to schedule inspections as required.

To schedule an inspection, call the Building and Zoning Department at 552-8425 not less than 48 hours before the inspection is required.

1st Inspection

Zoning Inspection

Often this inspection will be made prior to approval of your building permit, so have the parcel staked out before submitting the application.

2nd Inspection

Footing Inspection

Before calling for a footing inspection:

  1. Have excavation complete
  2. Have footing forms laid out and ready to pour concrete

3rd Inspection

Foundation / Backfill (Approximately 8 Days After Pouring)

The following should be complete:

  1. Forms stripped off and foundation walls cured
  2. Damp-proofing applied and visible to the footing
  3. Perimeter of foundation tiled to point of distribution - tiles covered with gravel

4th Inspection

Water Service & Sanitary Sewer Hook-Up

5th Inspection

Electric Service Inspection

6th Inspection

Under Floor Plumbing (Before Basement Slab)

7th Inspection

Framing & Wiring

  1. The following should be complete:
  2. Framing
  3. Conduit / wiring must remain exposed
  4. No insulation or drywall applied

8th Inspection

Rough Plumbing

  1. All Firestops in place at this inspection

9th Inspection


10th Inspection

  1. Remote water meter reader (and installation)

11th & 12th Inspections

Final Plumbing & Occupancy Inspections

The following must be complete:

  1. All work of life-safety nature, only cosmetic items of work will be allowed to be incomplete.

Plumbing Inspections

To schedule an inspection, phone the building & zoning department at 552-8425 not less than 48 hours before the inspection is required.

1st Inspection

Under floor plumbing

2nd Inspection

Rough plumbing

3rd Inspection

  1. Final plumbing inspection - to be completed before final occupancy inspection

If work is not ready when the inspector arrives for a scheduled inspected, a repeat inspection fee will be charged.