DARE & School Liason

Scott Hogan

Hello, I am Officer Scott Hogan with the Plano Police Department. I am currently assigned as the School Liaison Officer for Plano School District No. 88. I have been with the Plano Police Department since January of 2011.

As the school liaison officer, I work in all of the schools located within the Plano School District. The main goal for the school liaison officer is to help bridge the gap between students, school officials and law enforcement.

My role as the school liaison officer consists of many duties. I investigate criminal and non-criminal reports that occur on school property as well as reports that may involve students or staff from the school district. I also conduct presentations in the classrooms on law enforcement related topics. As the school liaison officer I find it important to be available for students and parents to come talk to if they have questions or concerns that they may need help with. I feel it is important to provide myself as a resource to students and school administration. As the school liaison officer, I also regularly attend extra-curricular activities such as sporting events, prom, homecoming and graduation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the Plano Police Department by calling 630-552-3122 extension #47. If you have any information or questions that might be confidential, please call the number above or email me and I will respond as soon as possible.