Building Fees, Inspections & Permits

  1. Building Fee Worksheet

    Review how the Plano Building Department will charge building fees.

  2. Building Inspection Schedule

    The following is a general list of required inspections. Your project may require some or all of the following. It is the applicant’s responsibility to schedule inspections as required.

  3. Building Permit Application

  4. Building Permit Checklist

    The permit application is to be filled out and returned to the building and zoning officer along with other required documents attached. Fees will be determined by the building and zoning officer and you will be notified of the required fees within approximately 5 working days after the application is received.

  5. Building Permit Exhibits

    View exhibits of building permit floor plans.

  6. Pool Regulations

    Read the city's list of regulations for installed pools.

  7. Residential Deck Requirements

    Review the requirements for decks built in the city.

  8. Sign Permit Application

    Complete an online form to apply for a sign permit.

  9. Small Projects

    View the required submittals for small projects built in the city.