Garbage Collection

Service Provider
Effective January 1, 2012, Groot Sanitation LLC of Plano was awarded the contract to be the sole waste and recycling service provider for all of the homes in the City of Plano, Illinois. Below are the details of the services to be provided.

6 garbage trucks parked side-by-side in a lot
Garbage Rates (Effective January 1, 2016)
  • Regular - $42.88(2 months)
  • Senior (65 or older) - $38.64 (2 months)
Service Details
Each resident will receive one 65-gallon wheeled cart for garbage and one 65-gallon wheeled cart for recyclables.

Complete Sanitation will take 1 large item or 1 bundle of construction material (not to exceed 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter or 50 pounds) or 1 additional bag or can (up to 32 gallons) of waste each week.

Additional refuse cans or bags outside of the cart must have 1 sticker. Additional bulk items above and beyond the 1 item will require 5 stickers. Tires with no rims will be collected and will require 5 stickers each.

Stickers will be $1 each and will be available at:
  • City Hall
    17 E. Main St.
    Plano, IL 60545
  • Complete Sanitation
    710 E. South St.
    Plano, IL 60545
  • Corral Marathon Station
    1001 W. Route 34
    Plano, IL 60545
  • Citgo Station
    101 Waubonsee Dr.
    Plano, IL 60545
Yard Waste: (April 1 to November 30)
  • Complete sanitation will pick up 2 bags or 1 bundle of brush per week at no charge. Additional bags or bundles will require 1 sticker.
  • Bundles of brush must be tied with twine and are not to exceed 2 feet in diameter and 4 feet in length.
  • There is a spring and fall cleanup for unlimited waste, large items, recycling, white goods, electronics and up to 4 tires (no rims).
Item Pick-Up Policy
Complete Sanitation will pick up white goods and electronics for recycling. White goods and electronics will need to be placed curbside away from the normal waste and recycling.

Electronics weighing more than 3 pounds cannot be put into the collection cart or additional can or bag.

There will be a spring and fall cleanup for unlimited waste, large items, recycling, white goods, electronics and up to 4 tires (no rims).

Fluorescent bulbs can be taken to Complete Sanitation’s facility in Plano. Prescription drug removal will be coordinated with Kendall County Solid Waste.

Additional Cart Rental
Customers may rent additional carts with lids from Complete Sanitation.
  • An additional 35 gallon cart will require 1 sticker.
  • An additional 65 gallon cart will require 2 stickers.
  • An additional 95 gallon cart will require 3 stickers.