1. Aerial treatment for European Gypsy Moth

    The aerial treatment for gypsy moth's will take place on May 10th or May 11, 2017 and then a second spraying one week later. Documents are attached for information.

  2. Alerts

    Sign up for announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you or your phone through email or text message.


    The Annual Spring Clean Up will be held the week of April 20, 2015 on your regular garbage day.

  4. Brush Pick-Up

    View dates for when brush and yard waste pick-up begins. Learn what types of materials are accepted.

  5. Building Permit Application

    Complete this form to apply for a building permit.

  6. ComEd Outage Map

  7. Everbridge Message Service

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

  9. Garage Sale Information

  10. Garbage Collection

    Learn about Complete Sanitation and what garbage collection services they offer.

  11. Leaf Pick-Up

  12. Pay Water Bill

    Pay your water bill from the city online with Illinois E-Pay.

  13. Mosquito Information

  14. West Nile and Mosquitos

  15. Police

    View the Plano Police Department's mission, vision statement, core values and ethics. Also access police department contact information.

  16. Sign Permit Application

    Complete an online form to apply for a sign permit.

  17. SNOW

  18. Submit a Request

    Report a concern or submit a request to be assigned to appropriate city personnel.


  20. What is that phone number?

  21. Vehicles For Veterans